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Premio Wikimedia Italia 2009 - Winners

Category A

Content liberation: the best Italian project of liberation of content (text, pictures, etc.) already released in the public domain but unaccessible or released under free license and loaded on Wikimedia projects

Category B

Promotion: best promotional work (prints, presentations, gadgets, ecc.) about Wikimedia projects and/or Wikimedia Italia produced in Italian language in the last 12 months and released under free license

Category D

Wikipedia: best new article in Italian language published between April 15th and May 15th 2009

Category E

Wikimedia Commons: best picture (photo, graphics) or multimedia content published between April 15th and May 15th 2009, having theme: "Palladio and his influence on the architecture of the world"

Category F2

Wikimedia Musica: best contribution to the project [1] ever published

Category G

Wikisource e Biblioteca Wikimedia [2]: best non-original Italian language text published in the last 12 months

Category H

Wikinotizie: best Italian language news article published in the last 12 months, preferably about the digital freedom

  • 1st: Dread83, for the news article "Benedetto XVI in visita di stato al Quirinale"

Category I

Wikiquote, Wikibooks, Wikizionario, Wikiversità in italiano, Wikispecies: best contributions in the last 12 months

Category L

Local languages: best article in a local language spoken in the territory of the Italian republic, published in one of the projects listed at the page

Special prize

The Jury decided to assign the special prize - a netbook - to Roberto Mura for the Wikipedia article "Regioni di formazione stellare di Cassiopea", for the meaningfulness of the work done.