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W i K i M e D i A N e W s - no. 23 - January 8th, 2009

Official monthly bulletin from Wikimedia Italia Association.


Dear members, another year is gone and our association enters in 2009 with a lot of important events. The WMI Members' Meeting is nearer and nearer, and we urge all members to attend it. In February we will also host "wikimangia", an event which, like in the past years, wants to gather at the same banquet table people from the various wiki projects to stay together, laugh, eat and generally enjoy ourselves.

Future events

  • January 9, Reggio Emilia: at Gabella, a meeting about Wikipedia and Wikimedia; Paginazero will attend it.
  • February 14/15, Monte Amiata: we'll have the fourth edition of "wikimangia". All members and non-members are invited; keep in mind that the event is focused on eno-gastronomy, so no more wikitalks and go eat and drink. If you want to confirm your attending, go to the page on wikipedia.
  • March 22, Milano: Ordinary and Extraordinary WMI Members' Meeting, at Domus Academy, via Giacomo Watt 37.

News from our projects

News from Italian WMF projects

  • Wikiquote: added a new parameter to the template Interproject to connect to Wikipedia articles in other languages (here an example); BimBot created 4129 redirects ftom the same number of works' titles to the corresponding paragraphs of 1767 articles; all sysops were given bureaucrat flag, as per consensus.
  • Wikisource: reached 20.000 texts.
  • Wikizionario: two new policies are adopted. One to recategorize all flexed forms, so that categories may be more effective; another to recategorize specialized terminology. These policies will lead to the deletion and creation of hundreds of categories.

News from Musica

Musica completely renewed its home page, adding an area showing new uploads. During the last month, two operas of Giuseppe Verdi and some new punk albums were added.

News from the Association

As per our charter, the Board called an Ordinary and Extraordinary Wikimedia Italia Members' Meeting, which will be held in Milano on March 22, 2009.
This meeting is really important for our Association; besides usual management issues (budget and resolutions' approval) and the usual talks among members and wikipedias, we are aiming to change the charter of the Association. Among the changes proposed there is the lowering of the quorum needed to make further changes to the charter itself (now it is set at three quarters of the members, and we risk to have the Association locked up), and the modifications needed to become an Associazione di promozione sociale (APS: see
Becoming an APS allows us to have several facilitations: the most important one is the deducibility (or partial deductivity) of the donations to the Association.

Board Deliberations

  • Virtual Skiz asked for and was appointed coordinator of the Association for Campania. Nomination lasts three months since deliberation.
  • Board approved unanimously transfer of €3.500,00 to Wikimedia Foundation. This is the whole amount of donations to Wikimedia Italia in 2008 (€1.700,00), and 30% of proceeds of gadgets' sell.

Editorial staff:

  • Luca Sileni;
  • Frieda Brioschi;
  • Marco Chemello;
  • Nemo (section "News from our projects")
  • Aubrey (section "News from Biblioteca")
  • DracoRoboter and Elitre (section "News from W@H")

To contact the staff, write at: or directly to the editor:

  • Luca Sileni -
  • Frieda Brioschi -

Notice. This newsletter is exclusively intended for information about Wikimedia Italia, both to the members and to the general public; as per Art. 1, Comma 2, Legge 7 marzo 2001 no. 62, it is not an editorial product