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WikimediaNews - no. 42 - December 27, 2012
Official bulletin from Wikimedia Italia Association.

Wikimedia Italia signs the petition on the public competition for new teachers

In the Italian competition for the selection of future teachers, many of the questions prepared by the Ministry in the field of computer science refer to a single proprietary operating system and its applications. Other questions are misleading and incorrect. Wikimedia Italy believes that teachers should be prepared in an appropriate manner with respect to the reality of an evolving digital society; for this reason we have signed an intimation against the Ministry of Education, University and Research. A total of 45 organizations including Wikimedia Italia, Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE), Association for Free Geographic Information (, Free Software Users Group Italia (FSUGItalia), Italian Linux Society (ILS), LibreItalia, Wikimedia Italy, signed the notice, as reported by our press release. Read the full text of the intimation (in Italian).

News in brief

(Note: in this translated version only the news regarding Italy are shown)

  • WikiVoyage officially started. The Italian edition contains already 2,228 voices.

Holiday break

The offices of Wikimedia Italia will be closed until January 7. Our best wishes for a happy holiday to all members, donors, friends and volunteers!

Notice: this newsletter is exclusively intended for information about Wikimedia Italia, both to its members and to the general public; as per Art. 1, Comma 2, Legge 7 marzo 2001 no. 62, it is not an editorial product