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Subscriptions are open.

How to subscribe

To join the association you need: this module (in Italian only) . The fee can be payed with a money transfer to the bank account of the Association.

It is moreover possible to send money with:

  • Skrill to the account
  • PayPal to the account

For further information, please contact iscrizioni @

At the moment the Bylaws allow the registration only for adult (18+ y.o.) subscribers.

To renew the subscription

To renew the subscription just send the subscription fee and a mail at iscrizioni @

Associative fees

  • Year 2014 subscription: 35 €[1]

If you send money with PayPal, please add 10 € for the commission fee.
A commission could be demanded from your bank even for money transfer to an account or for payment to another State.

  1. The fee is higher for people who live outside Italy, because banks' commissions takes half of the money. If you give us 25, we'll receive 11.