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Descrizione del progetto in wikiOSM

Richiesta a Wikimedia Italia

Creazione di lettera per richiesta rilascio dati confini amministrativi ISTAT e dati dei confini da dati del catasto (Agenzia delle entrate)

Lettera a ISTAT

I dati dei confini amministrativi di ISTAT sono rilasciati con licenza CC BY 3.0 IT, non è chiaro se serva una dichiarazione specifica per l'import in OSM. Mercoledì 2 Marzo è stata inviata una richiesta specifica al Licence Working Group della OSMF.

Lettera per ISTAT

Lettera ad Agenzia delle Entrate

Lettera per Agenzia delle Entrate

Richiesta chiarimenti con OSMFoudnation su compatibilità CC BY 3.0 IT con ODbL

1. Prima mail di richiesta (2 Marzo 2022)

Dear LWG,

I'm Lorenzo Stucchi, national coordinator for OSM in Wikimedia Italia, the local chapter of the OSMF in Italy.

I'm writing to you to ask an opinion about the CC BY 3.0 IT license [1] (english translation [2]) used by different public administration in Italy, as for example the administrative boundary by the Italian national statistical institute (ISTAT) [3] with this license (page 2 [4]).

Should the dataset distributed with this license suitable for the import in OSM? Or should we require a dedicated agreement as for the CC BY 4.0 for example?

Thank you for your attention.

Best, Lorenzo Stucchi

[1] [2] [3] [4]

2. Prima risposta ( 16 marzo 2022 )

Dear Lorenzo,

Are you familiar with the previous blog post OSMF put out regarding CC BY compatibility issues? I would not think that the Italian translation would be significantly different than the English version of CC-BY 3.0 that it would warrant different treatment. Note that there is a template for CC-BY 3.0 waivers that is linked from the blog post. Happy to chat about this further if you have questions.

Kind regards

Kathleen Lu

3. Ulteriori chiarimenti ( 25 marzo 2022 )

Dear Kathleen,

I checked the other material provided by the OSMF but I believe that in this case, the licence has small differences.

In particular, there is a phrase and for this reason, I asked you an opinion.

Art 3. [..] "Qualora l'Opera concessa in licenza includa una o più banche dati sulle quali il Licenziante è titolare di un diritto sui generis ai sensi delle norme nazionali di attuazione della Direttiva 96/9/CE sulle banche dati, il Licenziante rinuncia a far valere il diritto corrispondente."

I translated in this way, in a quite automatic way. I'm quite proficient in English but not neither in bureaucratic Italian or English.

"If the Licensed Work includes one or more databases on which the Licensor holds a sui generis right pursuant to the national regulations implementing Directive 96/9 / EC on databases, the Licensor waives the right to assert corresponding. "

Thank you for your support.

Best, Lorenzo

4. Risposta finale ( 25 marzo 2022)

Dear Lorenzo,

I've taken a look at an automated English translation of

I see the section you have noted. There is nothing wrong with this section (it does not create any incompatibility) but it also does not change the two sections of potential incompatibility OSMF noted for CC BY 2.0 and 3.0, so I don't think this section changes the waiver needed.

In the waiver template we identified: 1) confirmation of the OSMF attribution format, and 2) waiver of the DRM-free clause in favor of OSM's parallel distribution scheme.

Regarding 1), attribution, I believe this language is substantively the same in English ("you must include a copy of this License or its Uniform Resource Identifier") as Italian ("devi includere una copia della presente Licenza o il suo Uniform Resource Identifier"). While it is arguable that OSM's attribution page ( suffices), it is preferable to get confirmation.

Regarding 2), the DRM clause is the more problematic one. I believe this language is the same in the Italian version ("Quando distribuisci, comunichi al pubblico, rappresenti, esegui, reciti o esponi in pubblico l'Opera, non puoi utilizzare alcuna misura tecnologica tale da limitare la capacità di chiunque riceva l'Opera da Te di esercitare gli stessi diritti concessi a Te con la presente licenza. Questo art. 4.a si applica all'Opera anche quando questa faccia parte di una Collezione di Opere") as the English version ("When you distribute, communicate to the public, represent, perform, perform or exhibit the Work in public, you cannot use any technological measure that would limit the ability of anyone who receives the Work from You to exercise the same rights granted to You hereby. license. This art. 4.a applies to the Work even when it is part of a Collection of Works..."). This is the main language that has been identified as a making ODbL and CC BY 3.0 incompatible, as ODbL explicitly allows such technical measures, so long as there is parallel distribution for Derivative Works, and imposes no limitation at all for Collective Works or Produced Works.

Thus, I think you would still need the waiver to import this dataset into OSM.

Kind regards

Kathleen Lu