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Call for applications

Working at MART in Rovereto as Wikipedian in Residence

Italian-language version

MART - Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto in Rovereto is looking for a Wikipedian in residence (remunerated position). Job duration is 6 months. The Wikipedian in residence at MART will be a contributor of Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects, working in developing relations between MART and Wikipedia through education courses, uploading of contents and production of articles using documents and materials belonging to the museum. There are now many examples of Wikipedians in residence, at the British Museum in London, at the Museu Picasso in Barcelona, and at the Palace of Versailles. The position was opened by MART through the cooperation with Wikimedia Italy and with the support of the Digital Commons Lab of the Fondazione Bruno Kessler of Trento. It is the first time a Wikipedian editor will be able to be paid to work on a collection of modern and contemporary art in one of the most famous and active museum in Italy.

Wikimedia Italia - Associazione per la diffusione della conoscenza libera (WMI) is a not for profit organization, founded in 2005 and active within the open culture movement. It is based in via Ardigò 24, 20900 Monza. It is the Italian Chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation. It promotes the projects operated by Wikimedia Foundation (over which WMI does not have any control) and free culture in general.

Role of the collaborator

The "Wikipedian in residence" (WiR) will work closely with the institution, its personnel and the curator of the collections. Her tasks will be to contribute to articles in Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects about contemporary and modern art, using the documents and the materials provided by the museum. She/he will upload images and documents to Wikimedia Commons and Wikisource, and will expand articles relating to the work of the museum in the framework of conservation, documentation, development and popularization of art.

Within the project the collaborator will:

  1. train the museum curators and personnel about Wikipedia and mentor them in contributing to the encyclopedia, respecting its rules and collaborating with the community.
  2. participate in training courses.
  3. upload images and documents to Wikimedia Commons and Wikisource, and train the museum personnel in performing these activities.
  4. contribute to the articles related to the museum activities in the fields of conservation, documentation, development and popularization of art. In particular: creating the articles related to the artists documented in the ADAC (Archivio di Documentazione degli Artisti Trentini, Archive for the Documentation of Artist of Trentino); creating or updating of the articles related to authors mentioned in the archives; create or updating the articles for all artists whose works are conserved at Mart; creating or updating the pages related to artistic movements or research fields for which Mart conserves relevant material: futurist publishing industring, artist books, artist journals, sound poetry;
  5. write a final report of her/his experience as Wikipedian in residence.

Remuneration, duration and workplace for the collaboration

The collaboration is remunerated and has a duration of 6 months.
The total remuneration of the collaboration will be 5000 € (net salary) and further incentives for lodging and meals will be provided, those will be detailed during the interview.

The collaboration is expected to begin in May 2014 and to reach its conclusion in November 2014.

The residence will take place at the MART museum in Rovereto, Trento (Italy).


Minimum requirements:

  1. knowledge of Italian, both oral and written;
  2. previous editing experience on Wikipedia or other Wikipedia projects;

The ideal candidate:

  1. supports free knowledge and shares the goals of Wikimedia Italia. She/he is willing to contribute and to share on Wikipedia and on other Wikimedia projects documents and other material from a cultural institution;
  2. has exceptional writing skills in Italian. Knowledge of English is required at least at intermediate level (in particular, she/he can read and write short texts without difficulty). Knowledge of other languages will be positively evaluated.
  3. is rigorous, accurate, is able to respect the deadlines assigned and can work autonomously;
  4. is curious and interested in cultural heritage, history or archaeology. Knowledge in the field of cultural heritage, history, archaeology or of the economy and/or law of cultural heritage, together with a direct experience in working in museums or archive will be positively evaluated;

How to apply

To apply, please send your CV and cover letter before Sunday, April 13th in PDF format. The application can be written either in Italian or English.

Please specify in the accompanying letter:

  1. degree of proficiency in the Italian language;
  2. experience in Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects;
  3. experiences in the field of history, art and cultural heritage;
  4. interest in the project;

The curriculum vitæ and accompanying letter must be sent at the address wir@wikimedia.it specifying in the subject "Candidatura WIKIPEDIANO IN RESIDENZA - MART".

This job offer is open to all candidates with no discrimination on sex (l. 903/77 and 125/91), age or nationality (decr. legsl. 215/03 and 216/03), in compliance with Italian law.

Further information