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This is a partial translation of Aiuto:Aiuto
and also it is a guide to the English version of the website

This website is a Wiki, this means that is written by a lot of people in a collaborative way. The content of the website is organised in namespaces that divide the pages in macro-categories; for example, the page Gadget reserved only for the registered to the Association, is titled Associazione:Gadget.

The main namespaces of this website are four:

  • the main namespace (no prefix), open to the public, is used to introduce the association and its activities to the public;
  • the Utente: (user) namespace, open to the public, to introduce the users of this website (associates and collaborators);
  • the Associazione: (association) namespace, restricted, only Wikimedia Italia associates are allowed to read and write, where the activity of the association are organized;
  • the Direttivo: (board) namespace, reserved for the activity of the Board;

more namespaces can be created for specific works.
Finally to every namespace is associated a Discussioni (talks) namespace, reachable by the label on the top of all the pages (example: Discussioni associazione:Gadget).

English translations

For who does not speak Italian language, we are providing some English translations of the main pages of the website.

All the pages that are translated in English have a template on the top-right, that link to the English version of the page.

You can reach all the pages translated in English following these two categories:

Note: all the translations in English may be not updated or may be different from the originals