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Pagina legata al server ⚙️ lessema

This is the public technical documentation of the server containing CiviCRM development serving these domains:


Document root


Document root


Plaintext credentials are stored here:

sudo cat /root/db-credentials.txt

Unix users

Nuvola apps xmag.png Per approfondire, vedi anche Server/lessema/Technical documentation#Unix users with sudo

Add Unix user

Nuvola apps xmag.png Per approfondire, vedi anche Server/lessema/Technical documentation#Add Unix user


From a Debian GNU/Linux bullseye (stable) 11:


# upgrade system
apt update
apt upgrade --yes

# install basic webserver and some utilities
apt install --yes mariadb-server apache2 libapache2-mod-php certbot git pwgen

# install CiviCRM dependencies
apt install --yes php-mysql php-bcmath php-curl php-xml php-zip php-intl php-soap

# download upstream configurations
git clone /etc/wmit-infrastructure

# remove default empty stuff
mv /etc/apache2/sites-available /etc/apache2/sites-available.legacy
mv /etc/apache2/sites-enabled   /etc/apache2/sites-enabled.legacy

# if the above fail, Apache is not empty.
# manually move your stuff in a versioned directory

# attach the versioned configuration
ln --symbolic /etc/wmit-infrastructure/servers/"$WMI_SERVER"/conf/apache2/sites-available /etc/apache2/sites-available
ln --symbolic /etc/wmit-infrastructure/servers/"$WMI_SERVER"/conf/apache2/sites-enabled   /etc/apache2/sites-enabled
ln --symbolic /etc/wmit-infrastructure/servers/"$WMI_SERVER"/conf/apache2/include         /etc/apache2/include

# enable useful mods
a2enmod ssl
a2enmod rewrite
a2enmod headers

# enable some upstream configurations
a2ensite 000-servername
a2ensite it-wikimedia-crmdev-txt
a2ensite it-wikimedia-crm-txt

# reload configuration
apachectl graceful

# eventually deploy Let's Encrypt certificates
certbot certonly --webroot --webroot-path /var/www/html --domain
certbot certonly --webroot --webroot-path /var/www/html --domain

# enable upstream SSL configurations
a2ensite it-wikimedia-crmdev-ssl
a2ensite it-wikimedia-crm-ssl

# reload configuration
apachectl graceful

# create the pathname
mkdir --parents /var/www/crm/{production,testing}

# generate some DB password
CIVI_DB_PROD_PWD=$(pwgen 20 --secure --symbols --remove-chars='$\#`\|"'"'")
CIVI_DB_TEST_PWD=$(pwgen 20 --secure --symbols --remove-chars='$\#`\|"'"'")

# create dedicated users
mysql <<< "CREATE DATABASE civicrm_testing"
mysql <<< "CREATE DATABASE civicrm_production"
mysql <<< "CREATE USER civicrm_testing@localhost    IDENTIFIED BY '$CIVI_DB_TEST_PWD'"
mysql <<< "CREATE USER civicrm_production@localhost IDENTIFIED BY '$CIVI_DB_PROD_PWD'"
mysql <<< "GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON civicrm_testing.*    TO civicrm_testing@localhost"
mysql <<< "GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON civicrm_production.* TO civicrm_production@localhost"

# save credentials somewhere
echo "civicrm_testing@localhost    $CIVI_DB_TEST_PWD" >> /root/db-credentials.txt
echo "civicrm_production@localhost $CIVI_DB_PROD_PWD" >> /root/db-credentials.txt


Configuration on Phabricator: