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Why support us?

We believe that to grant a free knowledge, available to everyone, is a reachable goal and a real and collective challenge.

Wikimedia Italia works to spread the free knowledge and to support the Wikimedia projects, containers and generators of the free knowledge.

The association, as the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc, is financed by the subscription fees of the subscribers and by the donations.

Donations are tax-deductible in Italy: see this page (only in Italian) for detailed information.

How to support us

PayP trasp.gif PayPal

To make the donation with credit card it is not mandatory to be registered in PayPal.
<imagemap> image:Btn_donateCC_LG_EN.gif|center default [1] desc none </imagemap> Every help is welcome, however please consider that microdonations are remunerative especially for Paypal itself. Moreover (if you give us 1€, we receive 45 cents; if you give 50 cents, we receive 13.).

Bank transfer

IBAN: IT08F0306909606100000145960
Banca Prossima
Piazza Paolo Ferrari, 10
20121 Milano
Intestato a: Wikimedia Italia - Associazione per la diffusione della conoscenza libera

If you will to be updated on our activities, please leave contact us at, or insert your email address in the header of the donation.

MonB.gif Moneybookers


Usually transferring with MoneyBookers is cheaper than PayPal.