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Wikimedia Italia Award - call for bids

First edition - 2009

Art. 1 - Introduction and purpose

Wikimedia Italia issues an Award for people who gave significant contributions to the open projects supported by Wikimedia Foundation and/or Wikimedia Italia.
The Award is part of the celebration of the Festival delle libertà digitali (Vicenza, 20-24 May 2009); it is meant to let people aware of the importance of free digital sharing as a key factor in the cultural and social development, in particular through the promotion of knowledge and the use of open content projects.

Art. 2 – Requirements for candidacy

The Award is reserved for registered users of Wikimedia projects, who made changes in at least one of the web sites supported by Wikimedia Foundation or Wikimedia Italia.

Art. 3 – Categories

The jury will assign in its sole discretion up to three prizes for each of the following categories:

a) freeing of contents: best Italian project for freeing of contents (texts, images, etc.) already in the public domain but not accessible or released under a non-free license, and their uploading to a Wikimedia project;
b) promotion: best promotional material (sheets, presentations, gadgets, etc.) about the Wikimedia projects and / or Wikimedia Italia. The material must be written in Italian, must have been produced in the last 12 months, and must be released under a free license. The relevant criteria for the assignment of the prize are:
1) best efficacy in communication;
2) reuse of the content of Wikimedia projects, with the most effective and imaginative way to respect the licence and give due credit to the authors;
c) research: best research, essay (including dissertations) or article published in Italian after May 15, 2008 about Open Content projects, Wikimedia and digital freedom. Unpublished dissertation are also allowed, provided they were already discussed and released with a free license.
d) Wikipedia: best new article in Italian added between April 15 and May 15, 2009;
e) Wikimedia Commons: best image (photo, illustration) or multimedia content added between April 15 and May 15 2009, under the theme: "Palladio and his influence in the worldwide architecture";
f) Wikimedia Musica:
1) best previously unpublished song for a newcomer music group uploaded since the inception of Wikimedia Musica;
2) best contribution to the project added since the inception of Wikimedia Musica;
g) Wikisource and Biblioteca Wikimedia: best text in Italian first published elsewhere and inserted in the last 12 months;
h) Wikinews: best article published in Italian after May 15, 2008, preferably about digital freedom;
i) Wikiquote, Wikibooks, Wiktionary, Wikiversity, Wikispecies: best contributions in Italian inserted after May 15, 2008.
l) local languages: best contribution in the editions of any of the abovementioned projects in the languages spoken in the Italian territory of the projects, as listed on page

In the case of collective contribution (e.g. an article of Wikipedia written by many users), the jury in its sole discretion reserves the right to assign the award to one or more users for the award of the prize, splitting the prize if necessary.

Art 4 - Prizes

The awards are offered by Wikimedia Italia and its members; they consist in 1 (one) Netbook and in promotional items chosen from those available at the site The overall commercial value of the prizes is Euro 1.500,00.

Art 5 - Criteria for the selection of works

The criteria to be used by the Jury for the evaluation of proposals and to select the candidate works, where applicable, are:

Quality of the contribution;
Importance of the contribution within the project.
Art 6 - How to participate

The competition is voluntary and free; participants must indicate significant contributions (own or by other users) to one of Wikimedia projects using the relevant pages made available at these sites (categories d) to l) ), or (for categories a), b), c), l) ) sending the material to Each user can make a single recommendation for each category. Recommendations may be sent since the publication of this announcement and before May 15th, 2009. Participants must confirm to be aware of the regulation of this prize [link]. Proposals added beyond the expiration date of this announcement will not be considered.

Art 7 - Assessment and choice of the finalists

The evaluation of applications received by the deadline indicated will be made by the Proposing Committee and by the Jury appointed by the Committee, comprising members of Wikimedia Italia, and people from institutions and the cultural world. The jury is appointed for one year.

Art 8 - Awards Ceremony

The awards ceremony will take place on Saturday, 23 May 2009, in Vicenza during the Festival of Digital Freedoms.

Bylaws for “Wikimedia Italia Award�?

Art 1 - Purpose

Wikimedia Italia, no-profit cultural association formed by volunteers, located in via del Ronco 3/A, Arcore (MI), Italy, P.IVA IT05599740965, organizes the Wikimedia Italia Award to raise awareness about the free sharing of digital data as a key factor for the cultural and social development, particularly through the promotion of knowledge and the Open Content projects supported by Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. and Wikimedia Italia itself.

Art 2 - Target

Participation to the award is free. The award is intended for users of Wikimedia projects, that is individuals who have signed up for a user name and made changes in at least one of the web sites supported by the Wikimedia Foundation and/or Wikimedia Italy before the deadline for the selection. The users must specify a valid email address so that they can be contacted privately by the Committee for the prize. Failure to indicate a valid e-mail address will rule a person out from the award.

Art 3 - Deadline and awards

The deadline for reporting contributions is fixed at 24.00 of May 15, 2009. The award ceremony will take place on Saturday, 23 May 2009 during the Festival of digital freedom in Vicenza. The final date for delivery of prizes is at most 60 days after the award ceremony.

Art 4 - Committee

The Promoter Committee is composed of 5 members of the board of Wikimedia Italia. Moreover, the Committee may have no more than 2 members appointed by the Promoter Committee by a majority of two thirds of the voters; these members will have no voting rights. The Chair of the Promoter is the President of Wikimedia Italia, among the members of the Committee an executive secretary will be nominated. The members of the Promoter are entitled only to the reimbursement of any expenses incurred in carrying out the institutional functions for the Award. The Promoter Committee must: a) publish in time the call for participation in the prize and establish the procedures; b) appoint a panel composed of three components that will designate the winners; c) make the first selection of works proposed and submit them to the jury.

Art 5 - Jury

The Promoter Committee shall appoint a panel formed by a member of the Committee itself and two external members. The Jury will express a binding opinion on the matters related to the quality of the works candidates to the Prize. The jury could meet physically or with electronic means.

Art 6 - Relevant projects

The projects mentioned in the rules of the Prize are the following, all on wiki platforms:

  1. Web sites operated by the Wikimedia Foundation: Wikipedia, Wikiquote, Wikibooks, Wikisource, Wikinews, Wiktionary, Wikiversity, Wikimedia Commons, Wikispecies. The languages allowed are Italian and other local languages listed on page
  2. Projects run by Wikimedia Italia: Biblioteca Wikimedia, Wikimedia Musica.
Art 7 - Reporting a work

Users can report significant contributions (their or others') to one of the Wikimedia projects using a special page made available at these sites or a dedicated e-mail address. Each user may send a single report for each project. The Promoter Committee will have the final decision for admission to the premium. The Committee reserves the right to request at any time more information about the reported contributions to the users.

Art 8 - Selection of works

The Promoter Committee will make, at its sole discretion, a first selection among the works reported, on the basis of the information received.

Art 9 - Verdict of the Jury

The Jury will choose, at its sole discretion, the winners of the Prize among the works selected by the Committee, if necessary splitting them among users that it deems worthy.

Art 10 - Human Resources

For the organization of the Award the Promoter Committee may ask the help of other people and set up supporting events.

Art 11 - nature of awards, prizes and delivery

The awards are offered by Wikimedia Italia and its members; they are mainly promotional items chosen from those available at the site
The total amount of the prize is set at Euro 1500.00 calculated on the total value of items including VAT. The promoter Committee will have the faculty to deliver the prizes at the awards' ceremony, or give vouchers for the equivalent value. The vouchers can be redeemed for goods available on the website within a period of sixty days after the award ceremony; after then, they will expire. The vouchers are non-refundable and cannot be converted into money.

Art 12 - Information

Any information or communication must be sent to the Award Secretariat, at the e-mail, specifying in the subject "Wikimedia Italia Award."

Art 13 - Changes

Any changes regarding the procedure for participation can only be made by the Promoter Committee; such changes will be communicated to the participants if deemed necessary.

Art 14 - Acceptance

Participation in the Award implies knowledge and acceptance of these Bylaws.

Art 15 - Publication

The Bylaws and the Announcement will be published in the official site of Wikimedia Italia.