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Wiki@Home is a project managed by some members of Wikimedia Italia, the italian chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation together with the Italian version of Wikinews. Some WMI members are currently "coordinators" of the project.


The project aims to contact notable people and to interview them (people with have a page on Wikipedia regarding them are automatically considered "notable").

In this way, it is possible to obtain an original interview to publish on Wikinews with a free licence and update and link information about the interviewee in Wikipedia articles going directly to the "source" furthermore we can explain what Wikipedia and her sister projects really are, what is the opinion of the interviewee about Wikipedia and the others WMF's project, get some photograph to upload on Wikimedia Commons, useful pictures of his/her work and try and find some possible collaboration.

Interviews performed under the guidance of Wiki@Home staff will be marked with the Wiki@Home logo (see above). All the interviews are released under Creative Commons License 2.5 - Attribution - Share Alike, in addition to the normal license of Wikinews.

We often reach an interviewee because a member of Wikimedia Italia already knows her/him; the interviewer is not a professional journalist but a (maybe different) member of WMI with a personal interest in the topic. The community also arranges the questions which will be made: the result is usually a friendly exchange of opinions, as opposed to a formal interview.

There are already a number of interviews (all in Italian, of course, although some may have been translated).

Getting involved

If you can contact a person who has a page on Wikipedia about him, an expert on some field, or otherwise "notable" and you think he could be interested in realising an interview for Wiki@Home/Wikinews. You can send an with details to wikiathome(chiocciola)

Use the e-mail address above to send comments and suggestions about the project. Every feedback is appreciated.

If you wish to get involved and you can read italian you should read this page.

Past seasons and Wiki@Home prize

In the first season (which concluded with a great number of interviews done) the W@H staff has assigned a prize ("Premio W@H") for the most interesting interview.