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Italian wikimedians and members of Toponomastica Femminile association participate to the virtual edit-a-thon "UN Women Her Story" on 12 August 2016 for the celebration on International Youth Day. This way we connect to other international movements that have our same aims: WikiWomen and WikiMujeres. So is officially born on Wikipedia the Project: WikiDonne, a commitment to involve more women in the wiki projects, a relay race than it already started here.

When: 12 august 2016

Where: various city world wide and online (the center of the event is an edit-a-thon on the United Nations headquarter in New York with 600 participants)

Who: the wikipedian comunity and the United Nation Women, to reduce the gender-gap inside the contents of the online encyclopedia

How: virtual edit-a-ton

Resources: WikiDonne on Meta, WikiDonne on it:Wikipedia




Marilyn, Rita, Caterina: Wikipedia e le donne

Wikipedia donne Bologna poster.jpg


English name: Marilyn, Rita, Catrina: women and Wikipedia

What: Open Talk about women's participation on Wikipedia + introductory workshop

When: Saturday, march 23th 2013

Where: Urban Center, Biblioteca Salaborsa, Bologna

Who: Emma Tracanella, Frieda, Ginevra, Elitre, Giuseppe, Virginia Gentilini. The event was organized in partnership with Girl Geek Dinners Bologna

How: In the first part Emma and Frieda talked about women in technology and in the Wikimedia movement, explaining how the gender gap affects Wikipedia contents; in the second part Ginevra explained Wikipedia basics analyzing and comparing articles, then we focused on markup working on some selected pages which required some simple fix. At the end of the workshop we gave some "homeworks" recommending tre articles needing improvements and pointing out which kind of work was necessary to make.

Resources: Presentation used during the workshop (in Italian)


We registered 30 subscribers on Eventbrite, 10 of them actually attended the event, all of them were women.


All the participants were interested and attentive, in both the workshop and the presentation.

We improved these pagese on

and created the stub:



Girl Geek Dinners Bologna

Women and Technology

Vita da streghe


Foto dell'evento (copyrighted)


The event was included in Bologna Digital Agenda.

What went well

  • The collaboration with GGD Bologna worked out very well and allowed us to have a certain coverage of the event on social networks, blogs and local press

What could have gone better

  • The invitation to continue editing some articles at home was not embraced by the participants

Wikipedia in Salaborsa: editathon su biografie femminili


Englis name: Wikipedia in Salaborsa: editathon on women's biographies

What: Editathon on women's biographies

When: Saturday, May 4th, 2013

Where: Biblioteca Salaborsa, Bologna

Who: Virginia Gentilini, Ginevra, Elitre

How: We started with a brief exposition of Wikipedia's basic principles (it was assumed that the participants already had some basic knowledge on the argument) followed by the presentations of the women we were going to write about. We invited the participants to split into two persons groups (but we also had a 4 people group and one person choosed to work alone) and to choose a biography. The groups worked simultaneously and with discrete autonomy, we only supervised the work and gave some technical advice.

To choose the biographies for the event we collected books about women's history in Salaborsa and then selected the ones who had more references, with an eye on women connected to the territory of Bologna and Emilia Romagna. After this phase we checked the status of Wikipedia articles on the women we choose, and refined our list excluding the ones who already had a decent article. Once we had the final nucleus, some more references were collected in other libraries and in the internet.

Resources: list of the biographies and online references


13 persons, 10 women and 3 men. Some persons participated in the introductory workshop held by Piero Grandesso on April 20th.


New articles:

Improved articles:




Post on WMF Blog

Interview for Società Italiana delle Letterate - Italian Women of Letters Society


This workshop, together with the one held by Piero to give a basic education on Wikipedia, was one of the first occasions to real approach between italian libraries and Wikipedia. Both workshops must be read in the context of GLAM/Libraries Project which has been growing in Italy in the last months. Moreover, some librarians who knew about the workshops trough the discussion list of italian librarians aib-cur showed interest for the initiative.

What went well

  • Some participants also attended Piero's event (consecutive events works);
  • Some participants continued editing their article once went home;
  • We collected a contact interested in organizing something in a school;

What could have gone better

  • The press and media coverage of the event was poor, we must improve that.