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Da Wikimedia Italia.
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  1. Lodewijk
  2. FTM
  3. Atropine
  4. MM
  5. Aubrey
  6. CristianCantoro - cieli azzurri
  7. Elitre
  8. Sigfrido
  9. Frieda
  10. Caramellamenta
  11. Piero Tasso
  12. Mattia Marasco
  13. Raimondo Iemma
  14. Giovanni Arata

10.20: Start

Everybody briefly presents her/himself.

Lodewijk: The initial definition of "monument" in the 2010 project encompassed all sorts of physical object [e.g.: old buindings] that required preservation ("If it's old enough, and important enough, it's a monument"). Some 5k people took part into the 2011 Edition; it is our hope to go past that number with the 2012 one as to the 2012 Edition, 25+ countries have expressed interest in participating into the project.

Some basic rules

  • Global but federative: glocal;
  • Adapt rules locally given some basic rules (basic principle is: "The least rules, the best outcome");

5 contest rules


  • your *own* pictures (self-taken, self-uploaded);
  • upload in september;
  • default license CC-BY-SA;
  • photos with monument id;
  • e-mail enabled (to


  • no minimun resolution; minimal quality;
  • date of creation

International judging criteria

1. Techical quality 2. Original and "WOW!" factor 3. Usefulness for Wikipedia

How to set up a jury

  • diversity
  • a month ahead
  • international:2 professional photographers, 2 heritage specialits, 3 Wikipedians (+ a facilitator)
  • Lock them in a room, set a deadline and provide with cookies and coffee :-)
  • each member of the jury ought to pick a set of 50->100 pictures of her choice and add them to the pool the final pool.
    • maybe a preparatory group to cut out the crap

5 pillars

1. Easy 2. Fun 3. Local 4. Help Wikipedia 5. Quick and visible results [which implies having Wikimedia volunteers working as facilitators to the task]


Rule1: push partners all the time Partners belong to three main types: - Government Institutions - Publicity Partners - Sponsors Tip: Use European Heritage Days [or similar events] to promote WLM SUGGESTION: add a section on for Institutions. Add "advertising" to touristic brochures, have media partnerships for telling tourist to upload pics on Commons. Prizes are not relevant per se, but because they help getting attention from the Press and other external actors


There is a wide set of upload options to choose from [the goal is of course to maximize the number of uploads] 1. uploadwizard + uploadcampaings 2. simpified commonist 3. external platforms (flickr, google picasa etc) 4. ... be creative! Flickr: it is possible to use the tags to insert the identifier, and then upload in Commons with bots. (Spanish community did something.) Instagram and Facebook right now don't allow choosing a free license. MM decides to organize something every weekend of September. Wikigite, often and well, with the final upload of pictures... "Upload party" (also at the end of September, the last event). Flickr: identifier as a tag + CC-BY-SA, manual confirmation and validation from some users, we can do a group to advertise WLM and THEN decide to upload directly from Flickr or not. We have Emma and Jaqen in the community. Geotagging and "monuments around you".

Discussion on Monuments

  • there are many institutions, different problems:
    • no standards;
    • different institutions;

Workflow: 3 approches:

  • local person from every region
  • c
  • top-down

Cristian shows database metadata. Follows a little discussion about permission/rights on monuments. Soprintendenze are not willing to give permissions because they think that photos are an important source of revenues. It seems that photos taken from outside are OK (this is not the case of photos taken from the inside, unfortunately). We start back again at 15.00.

  • OTRS: we'll create, on WMI OTRS system. --> Civvi?
  • Commons: we need someone to translate it. (FTM will help). Page "Progress" needs to be kept up to date.


  • Monuments before 1900.
  • review of the entries in OSM by archeologists (GAAR, Decarch) through the map tool


  • producing a video for WLM : is there some other chapters who want to do that?
  • contact Common Craft directly
  • Screencast:
    • we could write the storyboard of the screencast, together
    • we could make PSD files (like "Welcome to Wikipedia"), so people could just edit the files and localise them.


Lists on Wikipedia

  • templates need to be created for Wikipedia. In we can't put lists in ns0.

Templates need to be localised because then there is the syncronization of the list with the database (Maarten script). So the templates must be the same.

  • from the DB to Wikipedia, you do it by bot.
  • script to paste the links of the lists in the right pages (in the talk pages, "here you can find pictures of Rome")


  • will translate Commons pages from EN to IT, and keep them up to date.
  • ready for working with PHP and Java
  • organize "Wiki takes Rome" or similar (i.e. Ostia antica)
  • coordinate young archeologists review of entries
  • when the lists are done, she divides them between pages in WP
final event
social media
Civvi? OTRS
  • Contest development (for the Blog, for Tuesday 17)
  • Almatourism ((?))
  • push Fabex for video on Commons (sitenotice somewhere)
  • share material about WLM internationally
  • list mountain refugees
  • Layar

Jury and Judging Criteria

[Some of the ] Jury members ought to come from outside Wikimedia/Wikipedia, as to avoid the [effetto acquario] and be professionals or at least well known people Each Italian Region is going to have a member within the jury, which will be supervised by Marina Milella The jury [two Wikipedians, two pros, an x persone] will judge a pool of 500 pictures total. The final pool will be created through a preselection carried out by representatives of the 20 Italian Regions [deadline: October 10th] All jurors will phisically gather on a specific day around October 15th (easy to get things done) The 10 finalist will be shared with the International Jury by October 21st As to the judging criteria, jurors will consider: aesthetics, informativity.


  • calendar
  • places:
    • Roma
    • Firenze --> Mattia
    • Vicenza
    • Pavia
    • Bologna
    • Modena --> Aubrey
    • Rimini
    • Milano --> Emma + Frieda
  • kinds
    • Upload party:
    • Biblioteca Nardi
    • Università di Bologna
  • gadget

--> WikiUrbis? is responsible

Final event 30 sept. (end of April)

  • party
  • Upload point + happy hour in the evening
  • budget 2.500 euros for each (Rome, Milano)
  • outreach party
  • sponsor

--> Emma is responsible.

Social media

  • Flickr: Emma + Jaqen (TBD)
  • Instagram: Mattia + Emma (TBD)
  • Pinterest: Mattia (TBD)
  • Google +: Helios
  • Twitter: Mattia + Aubrey
  • Facebook: Mattia + Saverio
  • Blog: Mattia + Emma + Giovanni

--> Mattia is responsible, he makes the digital strategy.


  • calendar -> Giovanni
  • categories
    • legal -> Ginevra
    • photos -> MM
    • contest development -> Aubrey
    • wikitrips + events
    • news from Wikimedia's
    • tips -> MM+Emma
    • video WLM -> Andrea (mart. 17)
    • project for dummies -> Ginevra (giov. 19)

Press release

  • receiver
    • Giovanni: "La rivista del turismo", Nova
    • (?)Aubrey: "Almatourism"
    • Emma: Wired
    • FAI
    • Frieda: L'orso, Domenicale Sole 24ore
  • article for local press

Contacts with Institutions

Institutions are supposed to feed the project with:

  • formal patronage
  • databases
  • access to the physical sites
  • money

-->we need personal contacts<--

  • 30 april -> lists of contacts
  • 15 may -> mail sent for all
  • Material (written by a copywriter), will be available by 22 april. We need to share it internationally (Aubrey or Emma).

Among the Institutions to contact:

  • ENEL, Edison, Trenitalia, MuseImpresa/Assolombarda, Telecom Italia, La Scala, ATM, Poldi Pezzoli
  • ICCD < 2013
  • Club Unesco <- patronage, ADV
  • WWF <- monuments, list, adv.
  • CAI <- ;ost, adv.
  • TCI
  • FAI
  • Enel
  • Edison
  • Vodafone
  • Musei impresa
  • Trenitalia
  • Telecom Italia
  • Scala
  • Poldi Pezzoli
  • ATM
  • Regioni: Patronici & Office for ...
  • Sovrintendenze
  • Curie
  • 3 letters: 1 for region, 1 for sovrintendenza, 1 for curia (A) Emma
Responsible for partners


Commercial potential partners


Partners are supposed to provide:

  • prizes [10 o f 'em]
  • Money

Sponsors belong to three classes (idea): (flyers, brochures, press release, main page site, sponsor page, etc.)

  • Silver sponsors: 5kE
  • Gold sponsors: 10kE
  • Main sponsors: 15kE (Michela will work on these)
  • we can try local touristic companies (eg. plane/hotels)
  • subcontest for some prizes?

Examples of sponsorship:

  • FNAC, Mediaworld, photographic reseller
  • magazine subscriptions (National geographic, Airone)
  • heritage magazine (we could have them in the jury)
  • Magazines coping with specific niches [say: Archeologia about Archeology] could create sub-contests about their specific topic of interest Gadgets -> plenty of ideas. Responsible: Emma & Federico

(Moleskine -> Sara Russo o Iolanda, calendars, mugs with pictures)

Promotional: postcards, leaflets: Emma & Federico

Legal stuff: Emma will coordinateegal stuff: Emma will coordinat