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Questa pagina è una bozza.
Internet ❤️ Free Cultural Works initiative

it Questa è una proposta adottabile da varie realtà, chiamata Internet ❤️ Free Cultural works. In particolare può essere portata all'attenzione di Voxnext - società che sviluppa - per far sì che gli autori possano selezionare licenze libere e creare contenuti compatibili con Wikipedia. Il resto della lettera prosegue in inglese - la lingua con cui ci si confronterà con Voxnest.

en This is an adoptable proposition called Internet ❤️ Free Cultural works that can be bring to the attention of Spreaker but feel free to adapt.

What Wikimedia Italia wants

Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. That’s our commitment. [1]

As Wikimedians, and Spreaker users, and Free content authors, we want an official way to pick a Free license when publishing a Podcast in Spreaker.

What could Spreaker do

Spreaker can become even more conducive to the dissemination of audio contents and works, expanding its coverage to the authors of Free Cultural Works.

Spreaker can be helped in this process by Wikimedia Italia to find the best strategy to welcome journalists, museums, cultural associations, institutions, whistleblowers, non-profit organizations, web-radios and Wikimedia users, helping them in disseminating their content for the whole of humanity.

How? The first step is introducing a Podcast "license picker".

Techical draft for Spreaker

The proposed solution is to introduce a simple license picker in the Spreaker CMS.

Example backend integration

Introduce in the Spreaker CMS a simple "license picker" for Podcasts.

Example entries:

Suggested icon Suggested title Suggested Tooltip
All rights reserved logo.svg
All rights reserved (default) Play only on authorized platforms. No other right. This is the default.
Cc by-nd icon.svg No-Derivatives Allow everything but only for verbatim usage. Suitable for opinions.
Cc by-nc icon.svg Non-Commercial Allow everything but retain commercial monopoly for the copyright holder. Suitable for those who are actively selling copies but not for most people.
CC-BY-SA icon yellow.svg Share-Alike Allow everything (but please don't add restrictions). Boost the ease of distribution.
CC-BY icon yellow.svg Attribution Allow everything (but cite me). Super-boost the ease of distribution.
Creative Commons zero small yellow.svg Public Domain Dedication Anything allowed. Super-super-boost the ease of distribution!
❤️ = ease of distribution of your Free Cultural work

Note: As Wikimedia Italia we are interested in having at least the licenses marked with one or more ❤️. The others are just complementary suggestions probably appreciable by Spreaker creators.

Example frontend integration

An additional line can be shown after the user description to enhance the visibility of copyright status.

Example 1
This is an example description of a Pink Floyd song.
All rights reserved
Example 2
This music was made by the Dubioza rock-band.
This work is licensed under a CC BY-NC license.
Example 3
This is an example interview of Aaron Swartz.
This work is licensed under a CC BY-SA license. Free Cultural Work! ❤️
Example 4
This podcast describes the Mona Lisa.
This work is licensed under a CC BY license. Free Cultural Work! ❤️
Example 5
This podcast is a very interesting 25-hour reportage on marine noises.
This work is licensed under a Public Domain dedication. Free Cultural Work! ❤️

Note: Wikimedia Italia is interested in just declaring that something is under a CC BY-SA or CC BY or CC zero license. Any other information is purely an example or cosmetic.

Contact stub

en This is a communication stub for the company handling Spreaker that could be sent by Wikimedia Italia. Request for Comments.
it Questa è una bozza per il primo contatto fra Wikimedia Italia e la società che gestisce Spreaker. Ogni aiuto è ben visto.

Subject: Spreaker, Wikipedia and Open Licenses (CC0, CC BY, CC BY-SA)
[To the kind attention of Mr. Francesco Baschieri - Voxnest CEO]

Dear Francesco Baschieri and dear Spreaker,
I'm Iolanda Pensa, president of Wikimedia Italia, the association supporting Wikipedia, the Wikimedia projects, OpenStreetMap and free knowledge in Italy and I represent a chapter affiliated with the Wikimedia Foundation, a (501) foundation interested in helping humans to Freely create, edit, and share culture, for any reason and purpose. [1]. 

Spreaker hosts great content. Would it be possible to add a "license picker" to allow contributors to release content also with open licenses (CC0, CC BY, CC BY-SA)?

Over the years large companies have already embraced Wikipedia's philosophy. For example, Flickr for photos and YouTube for videos allow authors to release some of their work under Free licenses, instead of just fall to the default (the "all rights reserved"). [2][3] Spreaker can lead a similar direction for audio contents, allowing artists to select some of the already-written and widely adopted licenses from Creative Commons, covering many more use cases.

It would be great if Spreaker can add this feature this year, for Wikipedia's 20th birthday :) 
Wikipedia, your ~22 billion visits website, back-links to contents from the Internet, especially contents from compatible Creative Commons licenses (CC0, CC BY, CC BY-SA) like it happens for some contents on YouTube and Flickr after the introduction of their license picker. [4] This could be challenging for the Spreaker platform.

Looking forward to hearing from you and please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further info.
All the best,

Iolanda Pensa, Ph.D.
President Wikimedia Italia



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  1. (19.03.2021) Border Radio
    Border Radio è una webradio che promuove la cultura copyleft e l'utilizzo delle licenze libere. Nel lavoro quotidiano, diffondiamo i nostri lavori e podcast attraverso diverse piattaforme di podcasting, incluso Spreaker. Ci piacerebbe poter comunicare anche agli utenti di Spreaker che i nostri contenuti sono rilasciati con licenze libere, oltre a sensibilizzare la comunità e la piattaforma stessa sull'importanza di garantire l'utilizzo e la possibilità di adottare le licenze Creative Commons.
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