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WikimediaNews - no. 37 - October 18, 2012
Official bulletin from Wikimedia Italia Association.

Assembly and Wikimeeting

On October 20 the Association will meet in Pisa for our Assembly. As usual, the Assembly is a public and open time for for discussion and planning: everyone is welcome! We will have a report with the projects implemented in 2012, and then discuss the activities for 2013. The next day (Sunday, October 21) there will be the traditional meeting with city sightseeing.


ArcheoWiki is a new project of Wikimedia Italy, in collaboration with Milan Museum Sector, Mimondo association, the Ambrosiano Archaeological Group and the Passaré Foundation, co-financed by the Cariplo Foundation, to promote and disseminate the historical and cultural treasures of the archaeological heritage in Lombardy. We want to photograph archaeological heritage present in the museumsof Lombardy and publish the photos on Wikipedia. ArcheoWiki means also involve schools, by training volunteers, teachers and students in the art of Wikipedia, through targeted interventions and Wikigite (Wikitrips).

Wiki Loves Monuments

Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 was held during the month of September. Thanks to all the participants, about 8000 photographs depicting the artistic and architectural Italian heritage have been added to Wikimedia Commons, the repository of more than 14 million free media files. The jury is working to define who will be the winners. In the meantime, Wiki Loves Monuments 2011 made it to the Guinness World Records Book as the largest photographic contest in the world. We hope that, also thanks to the Italian contributors, next year we are able to beat owr own record!

The award ceremony will be held in Rome, at the Galleria Alberto Sordi, on October 31.

Support us!

The fundraising campaign of 2012 Wikimedia Italy has started. Its purpose is to finance the activities for next year, including Wiki Loves Monuments, ArcheoWiki, projects in schools, and other projects that will be explained in the next issue of the newsletter. If you want to support us too, go to the site (remember that donations are tax-deductible).

Notice. This newsletter is exclusively intended for information about Wikimedia Italia, both to its members and to the general public; as per Art. 1, Comma 2, Legge 7 marzo 2001 no. 62, it is not an editorial product