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WikimediaNews - no. 45 - February 7, 2013
Official bulletin from Wikimedia Italia Association.

Search for collaborators

For the project «Archeowiki - new "archaeologists" in Lombardia - virtual and real paths» we are searching for collaborators.
You might remember that Archeowiki is a project for archaelogisy alphabetization, aiming to appraise and distribute through Wikipedia with a Creative Common license the contents created by cultural institutions. Moreover, we want to engage new categories of people in the fruition of the lesser known archaelological heritage in Lombardia, both putting online cultural content and letting people directly see the findings, exploiting “Wikigite” (wikitrips).

Who we are searching for

« Collaborator must go with the public (general public, school, "weak" public like elder or disabled people) in the Wikigite. He/she will assist visitors, answering their questions about Wikipedia, helping them to retrieve information about the visited collections (e.g., photographs), in order to be able to improve the articles of Wikipedia about archaeology in general and the specific collections visited. »
« "Wikipedian in residence" (WiR) works in the museums, interfacing with personnel and the administrator of the collections, easing the insertion of the digitalized material on Wikipedia; in particular he/she follows the development of the articles about the institution and the objects present in its collections. Collaborator also assists the museum in the relationship with the partners of the project. »

Members' Meeting next 2 March

Next official meeting for Wikimedia Italia members will be held on Saturday 2 March 2013 in Milan, at the Press Room of Telecom Italia (Piazza degli Affari, 2). The meeting will start at 10 and last till 18. On the next newsletter we will present the detailed program: in the meantime members may follow the page on the site about the meeting, updated as soon as necessary.

Maurizio Codogno on the millionth article on Italian Wikipedia

Maurizio Codogno (.mau.), spokesperson for Wikimedia Italia, was interviewed by Radio Montecarlo in occasion of the creation of the millionth article on Italian Wikipedia. The interview was made on 22 January 2013: a podcast is available.

News in brief

(Note: in this translated version only the news regarding Italy are shown)

  • Wikidata project was launched on Italian and Hebrew Wikipedias.

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