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Strongly believing in transparency, Wikimedia Italia has always made all of its budgets and financial statements public.

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All budgets and financial statements

In the first few years, Wikimedia Italia's fiscal year was from July to June; starting from 2007, we use the calendar year (from January to December).

Year Budget Financial statement
2012 Bilancio preventivo 2012 (in Italian) -
2011 Bilancio preventivo 2011 (in Italian) Financial statement 2011
2010 Bilancio preventivo 2010 (in Italian) Financial statement 2010
2009 Bilancio preventivo 2009 (in Italian) Bilancio consuntivo 2009 (in Italian)
2008 Bilancio preventivo 2008 (in Italian) Bilancio consuntivo 2008 (in Italian)
2007-2008 Bilancio Preventivo 2007-2008 (in Italian) Bilancio consuntivo 30/06/2008 (in Italian)
2007 - Bilancio Consuntivo 2007 (in Italian)
2006-2007 Bilancio Preventivo 2006-2007 (in Italian) Bilancio consuntivo 2006-2007 (in Italian)
2005-2006 - Bilancio consuntivo 2005-2006 (in Italian)

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